Why we should work for you?

We could say that we do talent sourcing, market mapping, RPO, blah blah blah, but we respect your time and we will not tell you to think about the differences between wisely called services. Instead we will just say: we recruit the best IT specialists for the best IT companies in Cracow – as simple as that! Therefore, if you are a company that wants to be called as “one of the largest in the world …” we are sorry, but you are probably not our potential Client.

However, if you would like to be called using words like “recent”, ”disruptive”, “breakthrough”, “the only one”, “making the change”, “unique” etc. Then you’re on the right page or… in fact you are not 🙂 Go to “Contact” call us, send us an email or a raven and convince us, we should work for you!