Frontend Developer | Warsaw | #1118

  • Role: Frontend Developer
  • Location: Warsaw
  • Salary: up to 28 000 PLN net B2B

Ahoy there!

Did you know that around 90% of world trade is carried by sea? This makes maritime transport essential to the world’s economy. Unfortunately, it is also a major source of pollution. Our client’s mission is to increase operational efficiency by reducing marine fuel consumption and making vessels more eco-friendly.

Shiver me timbers! We are looking for great Frontend Developers to join a passionate and talented team in Warsaw. Ready to be their shipmate?

You will:

  • Work in a team that develops a multimodule saas system that presents vessel data to the clients, navigation charts, new modules as catalog, management modules, renting a vessel, etc.
  • Improve frontend platforms as more, and more clients use them.
  • Create one frontend for 15 different systems.
  • Create a configurable dashboard for analytics.
  • Work on a new web version of route optimization that allows to plan a boat journey and check how it performed, did whether achieved the goals.
  • Deal with many analytics tasks.


  • Senior-level expertise in JavaScript (ES6) – at least 5 years of commercial experience.
  • Proficiency in React (class and functional API) – at least 3 years of commercial experience.
  • The candidate has to be versed in React ecosystem and understand the architectural principles of building SPA apps.
  • Good command of Typescript – at least 1 year of commercial experience
  • Proficiency in GIT – at least 3 years of commercial experience.
  • Experience in data cache management on the frontend side using dedicated tools.
  • The candidate has to fully understand REST API and be able to implement best practices in this area.
  • Knowledge of object-oriented and functional programming paradigms – ability to use them in practice
  • Hands-on experience with improving front-end performance
  • Being familiar with CSS-in-JS
  • Experienced with writing unit/functional tests.
  • Proven experience of working in Scrum culture.

Nice to have:

  • UX design experience
  • Familiarity with Cypress.js
  • Hands-on Node.js experience
  • Understanding of the GQL
  • Ability to configure and customize module bundlers (e.g. Webpack, Rollup)
  • Basic Docker knowledge
  • JSON Schema usage for validation purposes
  • Embedding Power BI
  • PBI Visualisations
  • GraphQL/Hasura
  • Cube.JS

What will you get in return:

  • Salary up to 28 000 PLN net B2B
  • 30 paid leaves
  • Free lunches & fresh fruits
  • Hardware and software of your choice
  • Chill room
  • Adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs
  • Flat organization



... and get up to 2500PLN refferal bonus!