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Do you feel like a robot at work? You are not doomed to waste your talent in a corporation. Say goodbye to your own personal Mordor and see for yourself how efficient our recruitment process can be – we are partners of some of the best start-ups and product-oriented companies on the IT market. dotLinkers is a Poland-based recruitment agency that stands out from the crowd.

If you are exceptionally good specialist at what you do, but your boss still fails to appreciate you or you simply cannot stand the weekly routine, send your CV to us. We are different from other IT executive recruitment agencies operating in Poland. We look for software designers specializing in, among others: Big Data, .NET, PHP, Java, iOS, and Android.

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If you would like to be called using words as « recent », « disruptive », « breakthrough », « the only one », « making the change », « unique », etc. we definitely should work for you.

We always play fair
our services focus on honest cooperation terms

IT-oriented recruitment companies cooperate with big international corporations, which make it difficult for employees to stand out from the crowd and show their true potential. We stay away from such an approach. While cooperating with us, you will be presented with meticulously selected job offers only. They will be also different from those you might have come across in the case of competitive companies, for we always honestly inform about cooperation terms.

We believe that openness is the way to go. Instead of hiding behind a firewall, we tell you everything you need to know right away. While familiarizing yourself with job offers posted on our website, you will quickly learn what you are going to do, where you are going to work, and how much you will be paid after choosing a given offer. You will read the offers and know whether or not you want to become engaged in a given project. That is why we are so different from other IT-oriented recruitment companies operating in Poland.

Upgrade your job position

IT professionals recruitment is the major forte of dotLinkers. If your knowledge is comparable to the one of Wikipedia, you should be noticed by the best companies in the field and we can help you achieve exactly that. Would you choose Cracow, or Warsaw? If you want to work in one of those cities, we have some great news – the seats of our clients, for whom we have been performing our recruitment-oriented undertakings, are situated in the biggest IT hubs in Poland.

If the picturesque Cracow is like an open book to you and you feel that now is the best time to change something in your life, we can help you as well. We cooperate not only with Polish IT companies, but with foreign ones as well, for they also look for software developers. We recruit individuals for exceptional projects that are to be realized in Berlin or London. All you have to do is to visit our website.

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You are only a few clicks away from starting cooperation with us. Do not leave us hanging and contact our recruitment expert. We can ensure you that he or she will speak the same language as you do.